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Experience yoga classes that blend yoga poses with strength, stability and mobility work.



I’m Tasha from WAY yoga

I’m a yoga teacher, yoga student, Mum, small sustainable business owner. 

Like most people, I’ve had fitness and health struggles, but have learned to love the body I have. 

I see yoga as a chance to enjoy body movement and to stay curious about how our bodies and minds work.   

I’m always learning and I am on a mission to share what I learn with you! 

Gain a greater understanding of your body and enjoy yoga that moves you toward a strong and supple body and mind.

What I Do

Find your WAY to class in Oratia or Piha in West Auckland

Join me for a yoga class in Oratia Settler’s Hall (Fridays 9am) or in The Piha School House, next to West Coast Gallery, in the heart of Piha (Saturdays 8am).

In these classes you’ll experience yoga for strength, stability and mobility. 

You’ll learn about traditional yoga practices and how they can be used with strength training techniques like progressive loading, and how working on strength and stability can lead to greater mobility. 

Every class finishes with breathwork in Savasana (relaxation).

Fridays 9.15am-10.30am@ Oratia Settler’s Hall

Saturdays 8am-9 am @ The Piha School House, next to West Coast Gallery, 46 Seaview Rd

Find your WAY online


When we can’t do yoga in person, due to a coronavirus lockdown, you can still explore yoga with me through online yoga classes.  

My mission is to share how great yoga can be for strengthening, stabilising and mobilising bodies and minds in an attentive, intentional way.

These classes only take place when Auckland has restrictions in place. 

Want to  to learn more and get updates from WAY Yoga?

"Tasha is friendly and approachable and the classes a great introduction to yoga for people who may be feeling a little intimidated as well as for long standing yogis who enjoy and appreciate the differences.."

"It’s yoga beautifully blended with various adaptations and focuses. Tasha accepts that there are individual structural variances of the human body and, therefore, a pose done to usual Iyengar ideals may not be achieveable - a ‘not one way fits all’ philosophy, which is refreshing".

"Tasha’s wider knowledge of core strength training has enabled me to surf more and longer. The subtle techniques taught her in her yoga class can be incorporated in my everyday warmup. By developing greater core strength, my back pain has decreased, so instead of reaching for the pain killers I now reach for the yoga mat."

"Tasha has an warm, informative way of teaching which combines traditional yoga with current thinking around movement. This has enabled me to access parts of my body better than I have in years. I'm constantly learning, developing, progressing which I love. Classes are friendly and fun, and I highly recommend coming along!"

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